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About Christine

First and foremost Christine is a very happy wife and mom.  She began her fitness career almost 10 years ago shortly after the birth of her fourth son.  She knows what it is like to juggle everything one needs to get done in any given day PLUS taking care of children, a job and your own sanity.  Fitness should be easy.  It should fit into your life seamlessly and you should love it.  She believes finding what fits for you is both attainable and essential.  

Yoga is her go to for fitness.  She loves all kinds and has been teaching one form of yoga or another for as long as she’s been teaching classes.  She loves sharing yoga with others and the many different ways yoga can work for someone.  It can be relaxing and restorative and it can also be a high energy and sweat inducing workout. Sometimes, it’s a mix of the two.  You can usually find a yoga class Christine is teaching at some point throughout the week.

Yoga may be her go to but Christine loves all kinds of fitness and has held many certifications over the years including; Group Fitness, Water Group Fitness, Youth Fitness, Pre-Natal, Sunrise Yoga, Yoga Essentials, Tabata Bootcamp and many others as she has a hard time turning up great opportunities to learn.  Currently, she holds Personal Training and Fitness Nutrition certifications from ACE, as well as a specialty certification in Advanced Cancer Exercise Programming from CETI.  She is also about to complete her 200 hour RYT training which has been a longtime dream of hers.

Most importantly Christine lives a real life and knows you do too.  She wants to help you find ways to fit fitness into your own life in a way that works for you and possibly your family.  She offers both large and small group exercise classes, as well as personal training.  Please let us know how she can help you.  You can use the contact form for any questions you have or to inquire about classes and/or training.