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Altering Perception

The book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie was always a favorite when I used to read to my boys, probably because most of us can relate to the story line. How many times as a mom have you grabbed a sock or toy to bring upstairs and put away and somehow end up cleaning the bathroom even though you were just in the middle of doing dishes? Ok, maybe that’s just me. My husband and I affectionately refer to this as “crazy clean”. Somehow no matter what my task at hand is I always end up doing at least four more as well simultaneously.

This seems to be the way I learn as well. I’ve been enrolled in a 200 hour YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) with My Vinyasa Practice for about a year now. Being a little more focused I probably could have finished months ago. However, with every new lesson I am constantly writing down other books, videos and resources on the topic that I quickly set out to explore. I had no idea there was so much to absorb! My current topic is chakras. This lead me to delve further into energy and the power of the mind to heal and manifest which brought me to a book written by a medical medium. Suddenly, I am reading about so many issues that have plagued me over the years and the ways I can heal. It’s amazing to me how I got here. Apart from my training and it’s many different paths it’s taking me on I have concurrently been on a mission to figure out why my body is reacting the way it is to so many different things, one of which is weight loss. If you’ve been within a 100 foot radius of me over the past month you have most likely heard about my weight loss frustrations. To those of you who have been victims here I truly apologize. Anyway, it’s amazing to me how my journey in one area has now lead me to possible answers in other areas of my life as well even though the two were completely separate events in my life.

This brings me to touch on something I have experienced firsthand many times yet quickly tend to forget when not constantly reminded. The universe is actually here to help us. Anytime I’ve had a path and been open to seeing it, the universe has always easily laid down stones to aid in my journey. I heard a quote on a recent audio lecture I was experiencing that said something along the lines of, “stop seeing it as something that is happening to you but as something that is happening for you”. How amazing is that when you actually practice it?!? Having enough faith in the universe to know that even if we don’t understand the why we understand that there is a reason and that all these things that may seem like obstacles or trials are actually there to serve us. I don’t mean to be exclusive using the word universe. You can just as easily substitute it for any belief system you have wether it be God and religion, energy, etc. The more I explore the more I see similarities between them all.

So my challenge to everyone is to take some time, be it a day, a week or even just an hour if that’s all you can commit to right now and just simply view everything that is happening to you and around you as happening for you. Does it give you a sense of peace? Gratitude? Wonder? Does it allow you to relax a bit in your attempt at controlling everything around you? Maybe grab a pen or pencil and journal your experience. If it works, share your experience, let others know and challenge them to try it as well.

If you’d like to listen in on the audio lecture I heard this tidbit, check out Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss. It’s quite literally changing the way I look at life and bringing me so much peace in areas I’ve been struggling. I’m finding the same experience reading Medical Medium by Anthony Williams. I found him watching Heal on Amazon Prime. Do you have your own book, podcast, etc. that has brought peace or enlightenment to you? Let me know!

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