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Ground it!

I’ve started a new practice recently of dealing with negative energy. There has been so much negative energy everywhere these past several years and I feel it’s gotten quite out of control. Something happens, someone reacts, and that reaction then spreads to more people causing more reactions and more negative energy. Did you feeling that negative energy fix anything? Did it make the event that caused that negative feeling go away? Did passing that negative energy along help the person you passed it to? So why do we do it? Right now, we can make a choice about how to handle that negative energy. We can chose to simply ground it. Consider yourself a lightning rod or a grounding wire planted deep into the earth and when negative energy comes your way, choose to ground it and not let it go any further. Try it for a day or even just an hour and see how your attitude changes. And then see if you can carry this method forward into the next day and the next. Now imagine if we all did this just how much negative energy we could remove from our lives. And with the negative energy gone, positive energy can move in.

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